Saturday, October 6

#1 Big Day

Phewh, life has been quite busy. But still life is getting better to. 7 days of being a wife. Alhamdulillah. nothing drastically changed. I am still me. maybe busier lil bit.but it's fine. I'm getting used to it. tomorrow i'll back to shah alam.. hurmmm.. i'll miss him so much...

since july i'm not update my blog.. actually quite buzy as a student, as a fiancee and now as a wife.. to much story i would like to share tp dah basi.. so biar kan ia basi... alang2 da basi kn... huhuhu...

alhmdulillah my weeding berjalan dengan lancar walaupun ader sedikit kelam kabut.. =D
short time, short wedding preparation, i don't have enough time actually.. in 2 month need a official photographer, it should be booked 6 month before wedding day, at that time da putus ase and nk suh kawan2 je take our pic but a big thanks to unty ain and uncle nadz penyelamat and meraka berbesar hati nk jadi official photographer for our wedding.. bersyukur sangat2... love them..

for my make up.. its done by mama.. she a makeup artis.. love mama so much... thnx a lots mama..

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