Wednesday, April 7

KY3N sdn bhd

after mock meeting kena bt lak
presentation tntg product for company
kteorg must create one company and choose
one product that have many advantage
and that product not available in the market
huh!! agak susah jgk nk pk name company and product ape kteorg nk bt
finally kteorg dpt idea jgk
iaitu foot warmer mat
that have many function..
and our company is KY3N sdn bhd
KY3N is stand for Keyya , Yatie & 3N : Nurul aqma, Noor Diana &Niesah..
fortunately the presentation done in the lecturers room,
if dibuatnyer suh bt presentation dpn student mmg gelabah jgk lar.
akhirnyer presentation 2 berjalan dgn lancar jgk lar..

KY3N sdn bhd

noor diana , yatie, niesah , nurul aqma (me) , & keyya

nurul aqma (me) & noor diana

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